conservation features

The solar and energy conservation features listed below help make The Smiley Building one of the most energy efficient buildings in the country.

45,000 sq ft recycled 1936 junior high school

Solar Electric (Photovoltaic): 80 kw photovoltaic system provides more than 100% of the building's electricity needs year around.

Ground Source heat pumps: The heat pumps take heat out of the ground using 14 400/ft wells and then condition the low temp. heat to a temp. suitable for heating the building. The heat pumps provide of the heating for the entire building.

Efficient Boilers: Four 200,000 BTU 97% efficient natural gas sealed combustion gas boilers and one 100,000 BTU high efficiency cordwood boiler heat the remainder of the building.

Heating Controls: Individual Zones and programmable thermostats control heat to individual rooms. Heat is off at night or when the room is not used.

Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs): The majority of the bulbs in the building were retrofitted with energy saving CFLs. CFLs use 75% less energy than equivalent standard incandescent light bulbs while producing the same amount of light.

LED lights: Led lighting is used wherever possible. LED's use only a fraction of the energy of other bulbs and last much longer. (these are the future of lighting)

Occupancy sensors: save energy when common areas, restrooms, and other spaces are not occupied. Infrared sensors turn the lights out and ventilation off when not needed.

Photocells: Photocells control lighting in hallways, stairwells and outside lights. They turn off lights when there is sufficient natural light available.

Cooling: The Building is cooled by a combination of evaporative cooling, two stage evaporative cooling as well as natural and mechanical ventilation . There is no air-conditioning in the building.

Efficient Appliances: All appliances are energy star rated.

Insulation: foam Insulation has been added throughout the building where possible to help with heat loss and gain.

Exit signs: High efficiency LED (light emitting diode) exit signs throughout building. They are a worthwhile energy savings investment especially since they are always on. They use very little electricity compared to other types.

Low Flow Plumbing Fixtures: Toilets, sinks and urinals are designed for low water consumption.

Shade Trees: Shade trees have been planted on the east and west sides of the building for protection from morning and afternoon summer sun. This helps dramatically with summertime temperatures in the building.

Bike Racks: Bike racks at every entrance help encourage riding and leaving cars at home.